Aperiodic and Reflex Enclosures

Left: Tannoy Lancaster. Right: Tannoy Corner Lancaster

Tannoy Lancaster

The Lancaster cabinet may be used with either the Monitor Red or Monitor Gold speakers. When a 12-inch unit is used, the cabinet is operated as a bass reflex enclosure. With a 15-inch unit, Tannoy plans indicate that the bass reflex port is omitted, making the enclosure "aperiodic" (in "Tannoy-speak").

The corner enclosures were designated "Lancaster C", and the rectangular enclosures "Lancaster F" (for free standing).

As with any cabinet, internal bracing and wall padding is a must. Tannoy recommend 150mm of cotton waste, or fibre-glass. The bottom of the cabinet may lined with 220mm with advantage.

See also:

Lancaster F design sketch.

Lancaster C design sketch.

Lancaster engineering drawing

Tannoy York

The York is a bass-reflex enclosure of larger capacity than the Lancaster. It features a dual port (one on each side-panel of the cabinet).

The York was also made in a free-standing rectangular version.

See also a design sketch for the York corner cabinet, and also an engineering drawing.


This cabinet is designed for the III-LZ dual concentric drive unit, which is 10-inches in diameter. The cabinet has is of the acoustic suspension type (ie: aperiodic) and features heavy internal padding.

See also design plans for this enclosure.




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