The Tannoy Monitor Royal series was introduced into the Canadian market at the request of the local distributors in Canada. The most obvious physical characteristic of this model is the blue magnet cover. The chassis-basket is painted the same gold colour as the HPD-series. In fact, it seems that the drives units and crossovers are identical to the HPD series, and that the model designation is just a marketing strategy for Canadian customers. One other difference is that the mounting points on the frame are in the form of slots, rather than the conventional holes as seen on the HPD series.

The Monitor Royal was probably available in three models:

See also cabinet designs for these drive units - the designs are the same as those for the HPD as the technical performance is identical with the HPD.

Tannoy Monitor Royal 12-inch
Model designation: 12/60

Above: Monitor Royal 12" (Type 12/60) magnet cover.

Left: Monitor Royal 12" frame and serial number.

Below: Monitor Royal Crossover Controls


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